5 Tips to Ensure that the Wedding Entertainer is the Best for Your Event

The Wedding Singer, the Wedding DJ, or a Popular Local Singer – no matter which one you choose, the outcome should be always what you had wished or dreamed. This is because wedding entertainment is one of the vital aspects of your planning for the most auspicious day. While it is easy to visualize what and how the wedding entertainment should be like, it is a bit tough to ensure that you select the right performer. Continue reading


Wedding DJ or Wedding Band: Which One to Hire for the Big Day

Following the wedding ceremony is the reception to be held mostly in evening, whose significance is the same as that of the former. For the reception to be engaging and cheerful, music is its essential part, which is mostly taken care of by a wedding band or wedding DJ. In the different areas of the United Kingdom including Merseyside (my hometown), using a Disc Jockey (DJ) for enjoying a musical entertainment at wedding receptions has been the vogue since a few past years. Continue reading


My Professional Journey as a Wedding Singer: Sharing Memorable Moments

I, James Barlow, am truly proud to be amongst the wedding singers who are not only popular but also reliable and flexible to adjust to the changing requirements. Being popular is something that many singers tend to acquire easily but being trustworthy is something that is as tough as having a jewel in a crown. The never-fading passion of being a singer childhood along combined with a special interest in making my own remixes has made me the wedding singer and DJ maker who turns more than 70 receptions into a melodious event. Continue reading