Since childhood, I was a crazy fan of music due to which my only dream was to achieve name and fame in the music world. At the same time, I did not want to enter Hollywood, as I had a special craving for giving exclusive services to people by being near them.

A few years back I started taking interest in creating DJ mixes and that is what my passion is today! Prior to this, I had enough experience in singing at weddings since the age of 18, which earned me an esteemed place in the list of UK’s most iconic wedding singers. The mix of singing experience and DJ interest finally made me a live music and DJ wedding entertainment package maker for weddings in the United Kingdom, fondly known as James Barlow.

My DJ Service 

While I do not sing, I am the DJ to carry a massive song library so that you can easily make song requests either prior to or on your special day. In case of wireless signal at your venue, I can download the requests in case my library lacks it. The DJ sections for the occasion boast a mix of the best tunes from the last 40 years. This means you can soak and engage into any genre, ranging right from the 70’s to Rock and latest pop melodies.

This extensive collection is the outcome of hard work of going through the best and most popular pop, chart, disco, soul, and love songs of the last four decades. My only aim is to ensure that every guest, regardless of the age, rock until drop.

Rather than pressing just the ‘Play’ button to dance with the preset tracks list, I mix a set of songs flawlessly, which are as per your preferences and requests as well as according to the mood and live atmosphere on the special night.

MY DJ Knacks

My knack to determine which tracks are to be played at what time keeps all guests dancing melodiously. The DJ session features only finest quality sound and lighting equipment encompassing the advanced DMX controlled LED expertise. This means hiring James as your DJ as well as singer eliminates the need to invest more in hiring a separate DJ, which is truly a bonus for small to medium-sized venues. Further, you and your guests can even enjoy the most melodious ambient background music while dining or drinking party at the reception, with the master in jazz, swing, and love songs.

The concentration on vocals in live performance certainly delivers the best sound possible. In most cases, a live band usually is susceptible to poor sounding until each team member is a fully groomed player. In case the latter is true, the sound will also be less versatile with several live instruments such as drums being unable to play at gentler volumes. Even the risk of inaccurate configuration of a larger and more complex PA system is always there in such cases.

However, all the above risks are eliminated in James’ DJ arrangements. The use of backing tracks facilitates focus on getting optimal sound vocals, as the tracks are of supreme quality and present real musical players. No matter which of the wedding entertainment packages @ you choose, James flawlessly recreate your favorite tunes at a fraction of the cost that live bands tends to charge.

All quality sound equipments are flexible enough to be customized as per the size and kind of your reception. The simple and yet effective setup can be put up in within an hour without any compromise with a clear, natural sound.

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