An Informative Note for Beginners to Pump Their Bicycle Tyres Successfully

Riders of bicycle often have difficulties while riding due to the faulty air pressure in their tyres. To rightly pump air in both the tyres of the bicycle, you need to make note of certain positive things to enjoy smooth and fast ride.
Know about the tyres and its parts:
There are two types of valve:
Presta valve: They are present in the thinner tube having small pin protruding out in wider tube held tightly by a nut. To have air flow inside or outside the tube, you need to loosen the nut.
Schrader valve: It is similar to the valve used in other high speed vehicle’s tyres like in cars and motor bikes. It’s fatter than the other valve and has central pin valve present inside the outer tube and doesn’t have any nuts to tight. Thus the need to have the valve right is essential to have a great riding anytime.
Check your pump
The pump you have chosen to use should be suitable device to pump air in your bicycle’s tyres, as some pumps are suited to work well with only one type of valve while some other work well with both valves. While buying the pump, you can see the type of pumps listed on its pack.

How to use the pump?

o The nozzle of the pump pipe should be firmly attached with the valve of the tyre.
o If air is escaping from the flow from pump tube to valve then you need to stop pumping and try to do with different nozzle.
o While operating with presta valves make sure that you don’t damage the central pin. If it happens you will need to change the whole tyre.
o The quantity of pumping air in the tyres depends upon multiple factors like the thickness of the tyres, the model of the valves, the model of the bicycle and the kind of tyres.
o In most of the good quality tyres and bicycles the air (psi) needed to pump in the tyre will be written in its pack or printed in its inner parts.

Observing the tyres bounciness every time you ride them will help in knowing if you have right amount of air in its tyres. Touching the tyres will help in considering whether your tyre is having enough air to have a good ride. This before buying pump for your bikes make sure that you read the useful posts in online links like formatted by Pumps For Bikes.